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You asked for it. We delivered!

ExceLearn is a Web-based eLearning management system (LMS) consisting of a suite of products that enable companies large or small to quickly create and deploy easy-to-use, high quality eLearning courses and performance evaluations to end user communities worldwide. ExceLearn enables you to deliver customized training and information about anything you need – products, services, sales methods, and other critical business information – to your employees, partners and customers, whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Created by Training Developers
for Training Developers

While most eLearning management systems were designed by engineers with no background in eLearning, ExceLearn was designed by professional training developers for training developers. Other LMS products are cumbersome and lacking the functionality needed to quickly deploy eLearning content to the end users. ResourceBridge’s eLearning development experience enabled us to design ExceLearn to be intuitive for new users, and comprehensive enough for organizations with complex eLearning requirements.

ExceLearn Suite Components
The function-rich ExceLearn LMS has the following standard components:


ExceLearn’s LearnIt portal is the home base for your end users. By logging in with a unique user ID and a secure password, each user can see courses that he can take, register for courses, take courses, complete online assessments, and track his personal history. LearnIt also contains an online Reference Library that enables users to access supplemental background materials associated with each course. With a simple click users can see the course syllabus, schedules or any extra reading required for a particular course. It’s so simple. This is truly What eLearning was meant to be!


The Super Administrator can easily create multiple subordinate administrators who have various security levels. The ManageIt portal lets you add and edit users, assign users to specific groups, create course curricula, assign a course to a particular curriculum, and generate reports. ManageIt makes it easy for you to set up and oversee your company’s entire eLearning campaign. As part of the ManageIt portal, the ExceLearn ReportIt gives you the ability to quickly develop reports based on a number of proven, industry-standard templates. Need to produce a customized report? We can help with that, too. As part of your licensing agreement, our staff will develop one customized report that meets your company’s reporting requirements at no extra charge.


While most eLlearning management systems require course developers to learn how to use proprietary authoring tools (which are frequently cumbersome and limited in capability), ExceLearn’s BuildIt portal lets your course developers deploy content using virtually any authoring tool you choose. You can even develop courses with Microsoft PowerPoint® and let the ExceLearn PowerConverter quickly and easily turn them into eLearning courses, complete with navigational tools and a customizable interface.

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  • Free Technical Support for Builders and Administrators
  • Easy to use - End users require no downloads, plug-ins, or training to get started
  • Easy access to courses and reference materials - Users can enroll in courses without assistance
  • Fastest, most flexible content deployment time in the industry
  • Fully hosted - No need to involve your IT department, yet the program launches from an Internet site
  • Flexible content deployment - ExceLearn accepts documents and files in any standard format
  • New to eLearning? No need to learn a proprietary authoring tool - ExceLearn PowerConverter enables you to build your courses in PowerPoint, and then convert them to eLearning with the touch of a button
  • Affordable - Priced below most LMSs on the market Reduces the cost of getting critical knowledge out to your end user community


  • Scalable - Proven capability to grow with your needs, from a handful of people in your corporate headquarters to hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world
  • Secure - Your data is protected in an ultra-secure environment, on professionally-managed, redundant back-up servers
  • Rapid content creation - Get up and running quickly with your choice of authoring tools, including Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Reusable learning objects - Any data in the content library can be used for other courses Changes to these files will automatically update for the other courses
  • SCORM compliant - Standardized data can be shared or imported from other LMS systems
  • Collaborative authoring - Content creators around the world can easily work together on course development
  • No downloads or plug-ins - Some LMSs require users to download files to their individual computers ExceLearn is totally web-based and requires no downloads or plug-ins
  • Multiple administrator levels - The super administrator can assign various levels of access to individuals or groups of users
  • Free custom reports - One free custom report with every license
  • eCommerce ability - We can set up an eCommerce front end that will enable you to accept all major credit cards over the Internet in a secure environment
  • Online assessment, authoring, deployment and automatic grading - You can set up online assessments for a course using true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and many other question formats Assessments can be randomly generated from a pool of questions so that no two users will take the same testThe administrator can assign percentages for passing, and ExceLearn grades the tests instantly The system can be set to automatically generate a certificate and notify the user of a pass or fail grade
  • Ability to create and assign multiple curricula to user groups - You can assign users to different groups and courses based on geography, job title, or any criteria that you select
  • Automatic bulk upload of user accounts, or individual user management - Administrators can automatically upload groups of users from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or you can enter users one at a time
  • Course catalog - Users can see which courses they are eligible for, and register for courses as appropriate
  • Reference Library - Each course has its own reference area where users can see articles, reports, photos, lists, and other supplemental materials associated with a specific course
  • Quick upload and revision of your courses - Some competitors require changing and uploading one page at a time, making on-the-fly course updates impossible With ExceLearn, you can change courses with the push of a button

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